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FOR GUILD MEMBERS ONLY – if you are not a Guild member but would like to be featured here, you are welcome to join us today. Click the link to visit the Guild of Photographers’ main website for further details: [click here].

IMPORTANT: If you are creating your listing for the first time please REGISTER FIRST. (See bottom of this page)

Image Uploads: Your gallery features a total of nine images. Upload your featured image as the first image as it will go on the header of your listing and it has to be cropped 2000x1200px in a landscape format. The remaining eight images are to be resized 2000px on the longest edge. To keep your images optimised for the web – please use Photoshop (save for web), Lightroom or something like to ensure your images are optimised correctly.

Profile Picture – to add your profile photo you will need to create an Avatar – create yours for FREE using Gravatar. Avatars are linked to your email address and will automatically add your profile photo in this Directory. For more details and how to create yours click on the [link].

ATTENTION: Please ensure that your listing has been completed and includes your featured image before you submit your listing for approval. All listings that have not been completed and do not include a featured image will not be approved.

ONLY one listing per Guild member is permitted.